but does it actually work?


I’ll let my clients answer that!

Maybe you’ve wondered…

How can we get back to how we felt about each other when we first met?

…Some days we have hope that we can turn our relationship around, back to the fun-loving couple we were at the beginning... But now we can barely have a conversation without biting each other’s heads off. Or, just ignoring each other completely, living like glorified roommates... There are some moments where we feel the glimmer of love between us...


...Most days, we are at the whim of each other’s hectic schedules, bad moods, and constant demands. Sometimes I can’t believe the mean things we say during fights... We’ve hit a new low with how we treat each other. No one knows the full extent to just how bad it’s gotten. In our own ways, we are both so embarrassed and ashamed at where our relationship is right now.

I’m Ready for Real Change
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What if my friends and family find out how out of control things really are?

Are we beyond help? Maybe this is just who we are.

I know I am capable of great things, but I can’t escape the anxiety cycle.

Relationships shouldn’t be this hard. I’m either too invested or too enmeshed.

Sound Familiar?

If so, keep reading.
here’s some good stuff ahead!

Spoiler alert:

Your relationship is not fatally flawed.
You are not a bad person.
Your partner is not a bad person.
Neither of you is unlovable or unworthy.
There is NOTHING wrong with you OR your partner.

But, when you think there is something inherently wrong with you or your partner, the fights and the fear and the criticism and the contempt in your relationship become so much worse.

You think about the worst parts of your partner–and start seeing them ONLY from their worst angles until all the joy is zapped from your relationship.

And then you kick yourself for wrecking a good thing but that just makes your mind race even faster…

You desperately want physical intimacy, but the vibe just never seems right. When your partner wants it, you’re not in the mood. When you’re in the mood, your partner tries to make it happen but the whole dynamic feels “off.”

Your body clams up, your partner gets all weird, and it’s another attempt down the drain. You’re both shut down, rejected, and alone.

The days where you flop into bed–equally tired and wired–realizing you haven’t had a meaningful conversation with your partner in days and that’s feeling more like the norm than the exception…

And you’re exhausted, confused, worried, unmotivated, and lonely. But what you want is reasonable. You want to feel confident, calm, and clear.


I have worked with hundreds of couples – including trauma survivors – in the exact same place.
Most couples in my practice have been hopeless for months and, in some cases years…

Until they understand the reasons behind their decline in trust, commitment, and other foundational parts of a healthy relationship.

And then, as a couple, they learn evidence-based skills for effective communication, repair after conflict, collaborative parenting, emotional connection, physical intimacy, and more.

I integrated everything I learned as a PhD-trained therapist into my practice to help couples, specifically those with a history of trauma, build loving and happy romantic partnerships.

Once I figured out how to help couples in deep pain, I made it my mission to create a streamlined and integrated program for other couples who wanted freedom from the endless trauma cycle of a relationship in distress

If your endgame is to step into a relationship marked by love, compassion, intimacy, and dream building…

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You may have just found the ultimate game-changer.

Hi friends, I’m Dr. Cammy.

I searched long and hard to find my wonderful husband. And, I work to keep that relationship healthy every day. I also happen to be a PhD trained, licensed trauma therapist who works with couples.


I tried everything to help couples with trauma get
the relationship of their dreams:

âś“ Talk therapy, group therapy, online therapy
âś“ Workbooks and self-help challenges
âś“ Journaling and more journaling (and more journaling!)


And spent so much time and money attending training and workshops and seminars. But nothing FULLY healed the deep pain and anguish these couples – all with a history of trauma – experienced in their romantic partnerships.

About 10 years into my therapy practice, I decided to compile the best skills and strategies into a program specifically for couples with capital T trauma, including: Repetitive infidelity, financial hardship, chronic infertility, sexual or physical assault, complex PTSD, and more. I integrated evidence-based strategies for nervous system healing, emotional and mood regulation, and attachment-based relationship development, drawing from Gottman and Emotionally Focused therapy. I practiced the strategies with clients in my practice, succeeded in some moments and failed in others, refined the process, practiced again, refined another round, and did it all again a thousand times.

**A little secret – the repetition was to make sure I only kept the most effective and efficient healing methods for this program.

And, for the first time, I saw couples recover BOTH from their traumatic histories AND repair their relationship. They were able to stay calm and grounded even during pretty intense moments. They could ask each other for help without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. These couples’ thoughts shifted from worry and fear and self-doubt to future planning and collaborative parenting, and mindful presence. I mean, imagine how sweet your relationship would be if you could trust yourself, trust your partner, and co-exist with confidence and ease?!

Imagine if your relationship looked a little more like this…

  • A clear mind that allows you and your partner to communicate effectively
  • Automatic thoughts that are hopeful about the future and trusting of each other
  • Belief in your and your partner’s innate goodness and love for each other
  • A body that can deeply trust your partner during physical intimacy
  • Bounces back from conflict quickly, resilient even in the most stressful situations
  • Can let go and experience joy, exhilaration, and pleasure
  • Unwavering trust and commitment in each other and the relationship
  • An open dialogue that centers authenticity and real connection
  • That makes you lose track of time, laugh with abandon, and live completely in the present moment
And what if you could accomplish all of that…



Sitting in
for years
and years

on trendy
coaching programs

Having to
figure it
out on
your own


This isn’t the first time you’ve tried to reign in the emotional rollercoaster.

In this program, I give you the step-by-step roadmap for healing from chronic relationship conflict and distress, and THAT’S why it’s so effective. Together, we will learn how to:
Unlock Your Full Potential!
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Effectively solve conflicts, even for issues that have been around forever!

Develop problem-solving skills to squash small issues before they turn into big problems

Gradually re-introduce physical intimacy into your partnership

Connect with each other in a way that makes you BOTH feel seen, loved, and valued

and so, so much more...

We will do this work TOGETHER with

✓  Short and digestible lessons
✓ A trauma therapy expert's actual toolkit to clear your mind and stabilize your emotions
✓ Weekly, high-impact, live coaching

This is a done-for-you program that will make healing for good
a straightforward, easeful process.




A membership program for couples who want a calm and stable relationship, but aren’t quite sure how to repair past harms and move into a hopeful future together. 

It’s also for people who are NOT ABOUT spending a ton of money on sessions with a therapist or some trendy coaching program.

The Inner Circle is an evidence-based program created by a PhD, licensed couples therapist, and behavioral coach. Dr. Cammy has over a DECADE of experience helping thousands of people go from chronic stress and chaos to clear, calm, and in control of living their best lives.


What’s Included in the Inner Circle?

Live, weekly sessions

with Dr. Cammy. In each weekly session, I’ll introduce an evidence-based, game-changing concept that will help transform your relationship. Then, I’ll hold space for you to participate in an exercise with your partner to build the skill related to the concept. These skills will stop the emotional rollercoaster, assist in healthy communication, teach skills for emotional connection, invite physical intimacy (on YOUR terms), and crush the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Worksheets and references

to guide your journey. These resources will ensure that you retain key concepts while deepening your exploration of topics that are especially important to your and your partner’s personal growth.

Personal Q&A

In each weekly session, I’ll address your pre-submitted questions so you can be sure your relationship is getting the “personal touch” it requires––especially through the sticky points.

Weekly Inspiration & Check-Ins

Accountability is the fuel for rapid growth and healing. Dr. Cammy will touch-base through video messages and offer bite-sized strategies, tips, and skills to implement in your daily life in real-time. Get ready to feel connected in a new and effective way!

Step into a relationship that is trusting, emotionally connected, understanding, and grounding.

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And it would be super normal if you still had some questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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We really doubt you’ll need it. But it’s there for you either way!
Here’s how it works:

If, in 14-days, you don't feel like this program is absolutely going to change your life, simply email us at: [email protected] and show us your completed homework, and we'll provide a no-questions-asked refund! That's how much we believe in the power of this membership.

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